LogRite Tools

LogRite Tools
EZ Boardwalk is your authorized dealer for LogRite Tools cant hooks and peaveys have specially designed hooks for better grip on the log and aluminum handles that are lighter and far more durable than wood.
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LogRite 60" Peavey

By: Harlan on 08/28/2015 02:47:09 AM

I was looking for a good peavey or cant hook and found what I wanted with the Logrite 60" Peavey. Could have ordered it, but found a dealer in the area and wanted to see the difference between the tools. After a quick look the choice was simple with the peavey. I have a cheaper made log jack from Northern Tool that I quickly bent in half trying to pry logs apart. Not so with the Logrite peavey. I can roll huge logs with ease and no need to lay it down, just stick the point in the ground until you need to grab it again to use it in the wood lot. Not having to bend down to pick it back up which is a great time saver and you don't have to also look for it! Logrite makes several versions of these tools and having a local dealer that carried it made it an easy sale.

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