Ez Boardwalk Junior

Ez Boardwalk Junior
Ez Boardwalk Junior
Ez Boardwalk Junior

Standard Features...

  • 15 ft track made from 4" channel steel
  • 13HP Honda Recoil start engine
  • 19" diameter band wheels
  • Heavy duty sealed bearings
  • Cuts at an angle for easy operation
  • 2 quick-clamp dogs
  • Blade lube system
  • Cuts 30" dia by 12'2" long logs
  • Spring assist lift on heads
  • One lever operates clutch and blade lube (throttle separate)
  • Guard prevents blade from cutting into clamps
  • Wheels and axle easliy removable
  • Track extensions available in 5 and 10 foot lengths.

Financing and delivery available!

Feature Details

Slanted Carriage

All EZ Boardwalk mills feature a slanted carriage. The teeth actually pull the mill into the wood, requiring only finger pressure to feed the carriage through the log on a level track. This not only takes a lot of the work out of sawing, but provides a smooth, consistent cut.

EZ Boardwalk Blade Guides

Our band guides are constructed with heat treated steel and greasable bearings. A bronze pad is incorporated into the design to add additional blade stabilization.

Optional Trailer Package

The EZ Junior's optional trailer package includes wheels and axle that can be quickly and easily removed for sawing.
Note: EZ Boardwalk mills are designed to be used with track supports. Do not operate the mill when it is on the axle. It only takes a few minutes to remove the axles for sawing, and to replace them for transport.

Reviews and Ratings

EZ Boardwalk Jr

By: Roy on 01/18/2021 04:03:05 AM

I have no complaints with this machine. Solid solid build, great customer service and great function. It has been able to handle anything I can fit on it. I cut wood for fun, and for my own use. But I have cut a lot of wood on this mill since April of 2020. Keep the blade sharp and deck level.


By: phil on 10/27/2015 01:37:51 AM

This is my first sawmill I bought this for a hobby, I've taught myself to use it through trial and error and YouTube I have sawn white pine,white oak, red oak, I bought a 5 foot extension put the mill on a concrete slab and have roughly around 750 board ft drying in the shed. Anyone thinking about buying a mill ,for the money this is hard to beat . Heavy duty

EZ Boardwalk Jr

By: Rick on 08/07/2015 05:39:19 AM

I have had my sawmill for about 4 years, and have really enjoyed it. Since it is the only one I have had, I cannot compare directly with other companies. I chose this sawmill because it was heavier built than other similar models and a better price. The conversations I had with the owners was very helpful, and they worked with me on delivery to save cost. It has performed well - the only repair so far is the auto lube valve needs to be fixed since I let water freeze in it. Solid design and solid performance.

ez Boardwalk Jr.

By: Hackberry Jake on 04/07/2015 09:00:14 PM

Very solid, economical, mill. Where others are using angle iron and sheet metal, the boardwalk uses c-channel, box beam, and plate steel. Built to last.

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