EZ Boardwalk Model 40

EZ Boardwalk Model 40
EZ Boardwalk Model 40
EZ Boardwalk Model 40
EZ Boardwalk Model 40
EZ Boardwalk Model 40
EZ Boardwalk Model 40
Standard Features...
  • 20 ft track made from 6" channel steel
  • Leveling stands
  • 24HP Honda Electric start engine (28 hp upgrade available)
  • 19" diameter band wheels
  • Heavy duty sealed bearings
  • Cuts at an angle for easy operation
  • 4 quick-clamp dogs
  • Blade lube system
  • Cuts 40" dia by 16'6" long logs
  • Spring assist lift on head
  • One lever operates clutch, throttle, and blade lube
  • Guard prevents blade from cutting into clamps
  • Optional Wheels and axle easily removable for stationary use
  • Track extensions available in 4', 6', 8' and 10' lengths.

Financing and delivery available!

EZ Boardwalk's exclusive slanted head

EZ Boardwalk's exclusive slanted head actually pulls the blade into the wood giving a smoother cut and reducing the effort required to push the blade through the log.

Optional Trailer Package

The trailer package includes wheels and axle, plus a hand winch for lifting the frame onto the axle. The lifting winch can also be used to turn logs.
Note: EZ Boardwalk mills are designed to be used with track supports. Do not operate the mill when it is on the axle. It only takes a few minutes to remove the axles for sawing, and to replace them for transport.

Leveling Stands

The Model 40 Band Saw Mill is a heavy duty mill. It is designed to have its transport wheels and axle removed when in operation. The track can then rest on blocks or these leveling stands. The leveling stands make mill set-up faster and easier.

EZ Boardwalk Blade Guides

Our band guides are constructed with heat treated steel and greasable bearings. A bronze pad is incorporated into the design to add additional blade stabilization.

Financing and delivery available!

Reviews and Ratings

EZ Boardwalk Model 40

By: Barney on 04/18/2017 08:40:12 PM

I purchased my mill from Stanton in February 2015. I didn't get many hours on it initially, and am still just over 20 hours as of April 2017. I have now started some custom jobs at the customer's site, milling mostly large white oak. The mill is easy to set up and run. I am amazed at the size of logs you can squeeze onto the mill. I recently milled a 4,400 lb white oak log that was right a the 40" diameter max width that the mill will handle. The only problem I have had so far was the hose barb broke on the lube tank. I replaced it with an identical new tank with a heavier bulkhead hose barb with a retainer nut. Great product and I have had lots of compliments and inquiries about the machine. The Honda motor is a little cold-blooded in the winter time, but once running is a powerhouse.

EZ Boardwalk model 40

By: Leon on 08/21/2015 02:26:30 PM

I purchased a model 40 about a month ago and we are extremely pleased with everything about the mill. We have cut mostly oak, walnut, and pine with it so far. It is very easy to operate and very well built. Friends of mine that have ran other brands of mills where impressed with the operation of this mill.


By: Nate on 07/12/2015 02:26:01 AM

Unfortunately, I purchased a LT 15. This past weekend I got to see these mills at horse progress days. They are well built, simple yet ingeniously designed. Looks to be twice the steel than my LT 15 has. Having see one in person would certainly buy this over the LT 15 any day. Excellent well built machines.

Model 40

By: Eric on 04/09/2015 06:48:10 PM

I recently purchased the Model 40 and have been cutting a lot of oak, poplar and ash. The 24hp Honda is plenty of power for sawing just about anything. The mill has lots of great features including a cant hook holder, leverage points for pushing logs/cants against the backstops and an extra moveable/removeable bunk for cutting short logs. Overall it's a great mill for the money and I'm glad to have purchased this mill!

mod 40

By: T P Long on 04/08/2015 03:22:53 AM

This sawmill is built like a tank , very simple to run and cuts nice straight lumber. I purchased the mod. 40 in April 2012 and is still running like a new one.

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